Our best EVPs from Old South Pittsburg Hospital can be viewed as a YouTube video here:

EVPs & disembodied voices recorded at Old South Pittsburg hospital in South Pittsburg, TN.

The following EVPs came from Old South Pittsburg Hostpital during an investigation with the East Tennessee Paranormal Resesearch Society.

Casey - A little girl who died at the hospital at age 5 is believed to still reside there. We believe based on other communications and EMF readings that Casey had attached to investigator Texas and was following her around the hospital. Texas saw a note which said not to move a stuffed animal pig, that it was Casey's pig, but the pig was missing. Texas asked, "Casey, do you have a pig down here somewhere, honey", and immediately we get a response in a child's voice which we believe to be Casey. We believe she says, "I don't know". I think this was a disembodied voice as opposed to a traditional EVP. I was listening through ear-buds real time, and heard it come through in my ear buds, so based on that it could have been a disembodied voice or an EVP. The other two people in the room said that they heard it with their ears at the time, though, and just didn't realize that it was a disembodied voice at first. Oh, and by the way, our team did find the missing pig in a different part of the hospital later. We put it back where it belonged.

Dictionary Mode - One of the investigators turned on a device which says, "dictionary mode" when it comes on. Right after, we received a rather creepy sounding EVP which repeats it. This was heard in real time with an RT-EVP recorder, so I immediately comment on it and make sure noone there had said, "Dictionary Mode".

Wait - [You will hear 'wait' at the very beginning of this clip.] We were in the nursery, and weren't getting a whole lot.. We were about to leave and started walking out when we received a disembodied voice which seems to us to say, "Wait". We then did wait, and and the Ovilus/Puck (an electronic speech-synthesis device to communicate with spirits) started going off, and it had been completely quiet up to that point. It went on and on until we finally just had to move on after about a half hour. It kept repeating the same words over and over and appeared to be telling us about a disaster which had happened in the area before on a holiday. After doing a little research afterwards to see if there had been some sort of disaster in the area on a holiday, we found out that nearby there had been a shootout between the Marion County Sherrif's Office and the South Pittsburg Police on Christmas Day in 1927 in which 6 police officers were killed. You can read about it in this Times Free Press article: Police Shootout in South Pittsburg, TN.

If you wish to hear some of the Ovilus chatter which happened which seems to us to possibly point to this event, you can listen to it here. Some of the seeminly revelent terms which came out of the Ovilus unit were as follows:
Run, officer, disaster, property, outside, past, fifteen, highway, holiday. Basically what I get from it is that the officers were involded in a disaster outside on the highway on a holiday in the past. Perhaps the spirit communicating with us was fifteen when he or she died. There are also some other things which come across which we don't see how they fit in with this story, so perhaps the unit didn't get them across correctly, or they are about something we don't understand. I can say that the unit was completely quiet until after we heard the "wait" and then not long after it started going non-stop. The unit went on and on for about a half hour, mostly repeating the same stuff over and over, so this is just a partial clip.
Holiday Disaster Chatter from Ovilus unit

Chlora, Bang, Moan - This is a short section of audio in which many things happened.. The first thing that happens is we get an EVP which sounds to me like, "Chlora".. then, there is some sort of weird laugh like sound in the middle of Drew saying, "I don't know what they would be dispensing...", then comes three loud bangs which weren't heard in the room with our ears, then a moan sound is heard in the room as a dis-embodied voice (or I guess perhaps a disembodied moan in this case).. after it is heard, we all start asking what the heck it was. (It is best to listen to this with headphones.. the moan is clearly there, but can be hard to hear without headphones. It immediately proceeds Drew saying, "What the hell was that".

Chlora, Bang, Moan [Disembodied Voice Amplified] - Same as above, but the disembodied voice has been amplified to make it easier to hear.

Ghost Belch - This appears to be a disembodied belch (or perhaps a residual of someone vomiting).. We all heard it in the room with us, and we comment on it. At the beginning of the clip is also an EVP which is in a female voice and seems to be saying something about a stroke, but it comes in under human speech, so it is rather heard to make out. Immediately after comes the belch sound. After we are asking what it was, Texas says, "what?", and then Drew attempts to re-make the sound he heard, and I say, "yeah, that". [Take note of the 3 bang sounds at the end of the clip. It seems like usually when we have a dis-embodied sound happen, there there is an accompaning 3 bangs which get picked up by the recorder but aren't heard in the room.]

I have to work this - Very clear female voice.. don't know what she has to work, not sure if this is a residual or not.

I'm homeless now - I wonder if this is a residual, or if he means that his actual home doesn't exist any more or something?

No - An EVP of, "no" comes through, and then Drew says, "This is comfy", talking about the chair he had just sat down in. I wonder if he sat on the spirit, and so the spirit said, 'no'? I heard the EVP in real time with my RT-EVP recorder and comment on it.

I'm gonna have to be well to stand up to you - Sounds like something you might hear in a hospital.. I wonder if this one is a residual.. it is strange, though, if it is a residual as it comes across in a singing type voice, and most people don't talk that way in the living world. It is a very long EVP as EVPs go. Please note that this comes in very slightly under someone talking, someone says, "Yeah" a couple of times, but it really doesn't affect the EVP.

A picture - Don't know what this is regarding.. there is a little human speech at the very end of the clip, but it doesn't mess up the EVP.

Bunches of EVPs back to back - This is actually a segment of audio with a lot of strange stuff in it. It starts off with a quite loud connect sound. Then, the first EVP says extremely clearly in a female voice, "Did this door open before?", and then an EVP of "You ought to put that picture back", then an EVP of, "uh oh", then some weird sounds which sounds like the ghost is on drugs or something, then an EVP of, "walk downstairs", then an EVP of, "picture", then something that sounds like, "hmm, hmm, hmm". Sometimes EVPs just come in really strong all at once.. this is one of those cases. This happened when we were walking down a hall, and we weren't saying anything luckily, so we didn't talk over any of these EVPs. One interesting thing to note is that the EVP about, "You ought to put that picture back" came in approximately 2 minutes after the previous EVP listed above that just says, "A picture", and then picture gets said again in this section of audio a few seconds later. The only thing I can think of from this audio is that a spirit took a picture that they could see and control, and then a couple of minutes later another spirit said she should put it back. Also, there were pictures that Doug (one of the people who runs the hospital) had painted displayed close by, so maybe that somehow plays into this as well. Very strange, indeed.

Here are the EVPs broken out from the above clip:

Did this door open before?
You ought to put that picture back.. uh oh
Ghost on drugs
Walk downstairs

Several EVPs together - This is another section of audio where we got 3 really good EVPs right together. After investigator Texas says, "This is probably the washer and dryer", saying it looked like that is where they would go looking at the hookups, and then comes an EVP response in a female voice of, "Just one is all we see".. I don't know what this means, there wasn't a washer or a dryer there any more.. are they seeing it like it was, and so they are seeing a washer or a dryer there still? Then comes an EVP which says, "Good thing about that coffee", and then Drew says, "See, this looks like a dispensary", and then comes an EVP in a female voice which says, "dispensary".

Here are the EVPs broken out from the above clip:

Just One is all we see
Good thing about that coffee

What does that say? Nothing - Drew asks what something says, and then an EVP comes across which says, "Nothing". (The "second floor" said at the end is an investigator.)

Krista's Pregnant - It seems Krista is pregnant.. not that we know who Krista is. This was recorded in the hospital exam room.


Me first - Seems to say, "Me First".. maybe he wanted to go in front of us?

Shit - Starts off with a weird, "oohhhh" sound in a female voice, and then a clear, "Shit"

Tick tock - Very strange sounding EVP.

Did you whistle? Yes sir - I had whistled, something I really shouldn't have done on an investigation, I just wasn't thinking, and another investigator asked if I whistled.. I said 'yeah', and then got an EVP which said, "Yes sir".. not sure why he said sir instead of ma'am, though, since it was a lady asking the question.

Labs Open - Probably a residual from when the hospital was open.

Someone in the hall over there? Yes sir - Texas asked if someone was in the hall, and got a response back which sounds to me like, "Yes Sir".. She isn't a sir, though.. similar to the EVP above where she asked if I whistled and got an EVP back saying, "Yes, sir".

Coffee Pot - Simply the words coffee pot from out of nowhere.. a residual?

Melissa's here - There weren't any living Melissa's there.

Martha - Randy says, "That was Martha's office down that way", and Drew replies, "Oh, the smoking nurse", and then comes an EVP in what sounds like an older ladies voice which says, "Martha". Martha died in the hospital during her shift.

Who were they? - This EVP came in very fast. It is played as the speed it came in, and then again slowed down to make it easier to understand.

It's cool - Seemed to be out of the blue.

Let's heal her

Check it out, a movie ticket - This is a really strange one. Either a residual, or there are movie tickets in the afterlife.

Oh wow, make it better - This seems to be 2 EVPs together, one overlapping the other. We get a female voice which says, "Oh, wow", and underneath if you can hear a male voice which seems to me to be saying, "Make it better".

Now, stop your talking - I think maybe she was getting tired of us talking. In this clip, you will hear some investigators talking, and then the EVP, "Now, stop your talking".

'I left my bike out there' or 'Oh, we'll go back out there' - It is very clear sounding, but I can't be sure what it is saying.

Ya'll carry me - A residual from someone who was unable to walk when the hospital was open? Please note there is a little human speech at the end of the clip.

Hey, Sean - An EVP of, "Hey Sean" with a slight chuckle after it (which was directed at me I suppose since Sean is my name).

Your hospital image is on the line - Recorded in an administration office of the hospital. I'm guessing this is a residual. Really clear.

My first name is Joe - Very cool when they speak directly to us like this. Nice to meet you, Joe. :)

I'm done

Shit - A whisper 'shit' which I heard in real time through my recorder that lets you hear EVPs real time (the RT-EVP), and commented on it.

'cause she wouldn't charge a man for it - Recorded in the administration office, aparently talking about not charging someone for something. Likely a residual.

mmmm.. don't like the name - Investigator Texas reads a form and says, "Charles Adcock was the doctor.. Charles Adcock", and then comes the EVP, "mmmm.. I don't like the name". I guess she wasn't a fan of the doctor.

Don't bother me now - Guess she wants to be left alone.

Go back - Whisper EVP, but clear.

Oh wow - No idea what this was regarding.

Hello - Just a friendly ghost, I suppose.

Not here - We were in the chapel, and Texas said she was going to move the K2 around a little bit, and we get this EVP response which says, "Not here".

Cold down here - In the chapel, I say, "brrr, it's cold", and I get an EVP in a female voice back which says, "Cold down here". There was only four of us in the chapel, and only one of us was a female (investigator Texas), and her voice doesn't sound anything like this. (This sounds to me like the same spirit as the above EVP, "not in here" which was captured shortly before this one.)

Who can sleep? - Noone was talking about sleeping, and we weren't trying to go to sleep.. just out of the blue.

Look at Eldridge.. cool - This starts out with a fairly faint EVP which seems to say, "Look at Eldridge", and then Texas says, "Strobe lights going off", then I say, "Yeah", then an EVP comes in what sounds like a little boys voice which says, "cool", and then I say, "It's hard to investigate that hall because you're constantly being blinded." The situation is that the hall has some sensors that automatically set off flashes to take pictures in an attempt to capture some paranormal evidence. Texas comments that the strobe lights are going off, and then the EVP, "cool". I am not sure if Eldridge is doing something which the boy spirit things is cool, or if he thinks the strobe light effect is cool.

Pass the turkey - That's hardly fair.. the ghosts got to eat turkey? I would have loved some turkey. lol In all seriousness, likely a residual.

Turn it on - Randy says, "Turn it off and back on so we can see it", and then comes this EVP, "Turn it on". Randy was refering to the Raggedy Ann doll. All of the lights light up briefly when you turn it on. Other than that, only EMF sets them off.

That's blinding me - We had some bright infrared lights beign set up, and some unseen entity was aparently bothered by the lights, and says, "That's blinding me". We were using a puck in the room, which said "supper" which is the computer-like voice you hear.

I can't get a room

Get your stuff together - Tia was talking to us over a walkie talkie from another part of the building, and says, "ok, well, we're still getting our stuff together..." and then comes a rather obnoxious sounding EVP over top of her talking saying, "Get your stuff together."

Weeeee - Female spirit seemed to be having a good time.

I heard water inside there.. I choose the... - Strange EVP.. sounds to me like what this is saying, but it seems to just cut off in mid-sentence.

I'm Purple

Why is everybody so greedy?

We see it's not Casey - This EVP seems to be telling us that who we thought was Casey isnt Casey (the little girl who died in the hospital).

Break in the hotel - A crime in progress?

Let's go see Tina - We had just gotten a walkie-talkie call from Tia, who was in a different part of the building. She really goes by either Tia or Tina. After the call, Randy said, "It's Tia", and then comes an EVP response of, "Let's go see Tina".

Elise - During the session with the Raggedy Ann doll, the word Elise just came out of nowhere as an EVP.

Let's play - We were doing the Raggedy Ann session, and the Ovilus had said "floor", so Texas thought maybe the spirit wanted her to get on the floor to play with the doll. She said, "I'm gonna sit down on the cold floor with you", then Drew says, "it's not too cold", then Texas says, "Here we go, I'm on the floor", and then comes the EVP, "Let's play". It does not sound like a little girls voice, though.. really rather creepy sounding. [Note: There is some debate on this capture. One of the members of ETPRS thinks this is investigator Texas who says it, although Texas says it definitely wasn't her saying it. Presented for you to decide yourself.]

That's her - No idea what this is regarding. (There is a little human speech at the very end.)

Push the door back - EVP of, "Push the door back" in a female voice, and "Come back" at the end of the clip in a male voice. Strange sounding disconnect sound. There is also some low level human speech beneath the EVP.

Schizophrenic - We were in Millie's room. Millie was a schizophrenic patient who is believed to still be stuck in the room even in the afterlife. We were attempting to communicate with her. Drew asked, "So, was she here as a rehab patient, or in a psych." I said, "psych", and someone, I suppose Millie, chimed in with the word 'schizophrenic', I suppose telling us specifically why she was there.

Help me breathe - Seems to be 2 EVPs here, one louder in a female voice which seems to say, "Help me beathe", and another in a whisper voice which sounds to me like, "She's a mess". We got these EVPs right after leaving Millie's room on the 3rd floor.

Ohh, my leg is cramped - Probably a residual, unless ghosts gets cramps.

I won't fit in there

Get Karen away - We didn't have any Karen with us.

Working - Just the word 'working' out of nowhere.

Lights out - We were in the nursary and Texas said, "Do you not like the lights being out in this room, does that bother you?", and then we received the EVP responses, "Make sure this is just lights out", and then a reply, "There shouldn't be any lights out". A couple of thing to note about this clip.. about 20 seconds of dead time was removed from her question to the EVP responses.. she was just humming a lullaby during that time. Also, the EVP responses are pretty low, you will likely need to use headphones to hear them.

Paranormal - We were using the Ovilus in the nursury when a long string of words started coming through. One of those words was 'paranormal'. After it says it, Texas repeats it, and then an unseen presence says, 'I'll say paranormal'. Please note that there were only a few of us in the room, and this voice sounds nothing like any of us.

I'm no bitch

What is that one? I don't know. - We don't know what they were talking about.

Stupid people - Sounds like she didn't think we were too bright.. or perhaps this is a residual.

Are you jumping? - Noone was jumping that we saw.

Over there, Angus be on this floor. Get to work. Oh, no. - Here is a few EVPs that come in right together.

I love Cindy - Interestingly, the lady who runs the Old South Pittsburg Hospital, and lives there, is named Cindy. Don't know if this EVP is referring to her or another Cindy.

Get down - A whisper EVP, but very clear.. don't know if this was directed at us or another spirit. Recorded in the basement.

Help me - The ever popular 'help me' EVP which we seem to get just about everywhere we go. It's a whisper, but pretty clear. Recorded in the basement.

Homeless, blind and tired - In the later years of this hospital, it was mostly for people who couldn't pay for their care, so this EVP makes sense. Likely a residual. Recorded in the basement.

Our dinner is sitting out - Recorded in the basement.

Forward now - Randy was directing us where he wanted us to stand while using the K2 meters for an experient. After he was done directing us comes an EVP, "Forward now". Recorded in the basement.

Right there, yeah - Randy says, "Right there", and then comes an EVP of, "Right there, yeah". (Headphones may be needed to hear this one well.) Recorded in the basement.

Tell us what it's like to be dead. It blows. - In the basement, Drew asked the spirits to tell us what it was like to be dead. First we hear what a whispery EVP which seems to say, "stay here", and then comes a male voice EVP which seems to say, "it blows". Recorded in the basement.

Oh Drew, are you there? - One of the investigators in the room is Drew, so it appears one of the spirits was attempting to communicate with him. Recorded in the basement.

Yum - Just says 'yum', but has a strange sound to it. Recorded in the basement.

Who's listening tonight? - Interesting.. I suppose he was wondering who was listening for EVPs. Recorded on the main level (2nd floor), hallway.

Get out of here - Female voice telling us to get out, recorded in the operating room, 3rd floor.

Look at Peter

He'll not take you - This could be a residual of when they wouldn't take someone into the hospital.

We got the cigarettes - Smoking ghosts or a residual? (This EVP barely got cut short due to someone talking over it, but the only thing that seems to have been wiped out was the 's' on 'cigarettes'.

Robert Rose brought along a Raggedy Ann doll with an EMF detector built in, so the hands, feet and head would light up when a spirit comes in contact with it. This is obviously to help us to interact with child spirits. One of the spirits at the hospital is Casey, and we believe she was following around investigator Texas the whole time. In this video, you can see how the Raggedy Ann doll goes off quite a bit when Texas is holding it. Noone else could get anything at all to happen with the doll during this investigation.. it would appear the only one interested in playing was Casey and she would only stay by Texas' side. If we took a regular EMF (a K2 meter), it would light up all the way to red around here, although it would typically just light up that strong on one side of her, like Casey was standing on that side of her. If we tried the same spot when Texas wasn't there, we wouldn't get anything. We checked and made sure Texas didn't have anything on her that could account for what we were seeing. Below is a link to the interaction with the Raggedy Ann doll.. this is really pretty amazing. This was recorded in the operating room where Casey died (at age 5). This is unedited video, and it does run for quite a while.

Also, for your reference, a couple of the EVPs listed above also showed up on the audio for the video camera. Those are the, "Let's go see Tina" EVP at 7:46 and the, "Let's play" EVP at 26:16.

Ragedy Ann at Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

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